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«RT Doc» watch online for free!

RT Doc is an educational channel whiсh broadcasts documentaries on 24/7 format. The channel covers various topics from nature to social problems. Channel is in English.

«RT Doc» watch online for free!

RTDoc is a RT's English-language documentary channel. Airing around the clock across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the United States, RTDoc features original films and series about Russian people, history, culture and wildlife, as well as fascinating stories from different corners of the world. RTDoc’s unique documentary programs have won prestigious international prizes, including Media Excellence, New York Festivals and OMNI Intermedia Awards.

RTDoc's filmmakers travelled far and wide to bring to its international viewers stories that are as diverse as they are. From Israel to Syria, from Flint, Michigan to the Faroe Islands, from China to the deepest corners of Siberia, RT Doc brings forth the most compelling profiles of people and communities.

RT Doc has produced and broadcasted more than 500 films — about private struggles and global milestones, the human soul and expanses of nature, tales from the past and events unfolding right before our eyes.

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